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Making it Easier to Find Questions to Answer

David ColeDavid Cole, Director of Design at Quora
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This week at Quora was another Offroad week [1] and a group of us decided to focus on making it easier to find questions you can help answer. Some of the changes are yet to come, but this morning we released a number of the improvements that we built this week.

To start, we've added a new section to your profile's About page: Experience topics. Adding topics to this section will help tell us which questions you're interested in answering. You can find this page by clicking on the "Edit" link at the top of your profile, to the right of your location, workplace, and school information.

One way we'll use these topics is on the new Unanswered Questions page. Previously, this page was a list of unanswered questions on all of the topics that you follow. After this change, it will only show unanswered questions on those topics you've specifically told us that you want to answer questions on.

We've also brought your Asked to Answer requests onto the Unanswered Questions page. This consolidates all of the questions you might be interested in answering into a single place. Additionally, a link to this page has been added to the Write menu to give you easy access from anywhere on Quora.

In response to many requests, we're excited to introduce this new page in Quora for iPhone and Quora for Android, as the first item in the Browse tab. It will show you the top question we have for you right now, and a tap on the "More" button will take you to the full list.

We hope these changes mean your time and attention are focused only on what you find important and interesting.

[1] Previously: Quorachella


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David Cole
David Cole
Director of Design at Quora